Alcohol in movie theaters, Inslee’s press conference and state parks funding

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Here’s Thursday’s edition of “Legislative Review.” We recap debate over a couple interesting alcohol-related bills — including one that would allow beer and wine in movie theaters. Plus, we’ve got highlights from Gov. Jay Inslee‘s first press conference, and a plea from the parks commissioner for more funding for the state parks system.

Our 30-minute week-in-review edition of “Legislative Review” airs on Friday night at 6:30 and 11, recapping all the highlights from the first week of session.

Today: Decriminalizing pot, outlawing Joose and more

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Here are a few highlights from today’s calendar:

– Right now, tune into floor session.

– At 1:30 p.m., the House Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee will decide whether to decriminalize or legalize marijuana. Last week, Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson told me she thought the bill to decriminalize marijuana had a good chance, but PubliCola and The Stranger report that the bill is dead. This will be live on TVW.

– Also at 1:30, the House Commerce Committee is considering a bill to outlaw beverages like “Joose” that combine alcohol and caffeine or other stimulants.

– At the same time, the Senate will Ways & Means Committee will hear an overview of the Capital Budget. That will play on TVW later.

– At 3:30, the Senate Higher Education Committee will discuss whether UW and other four-year universities should be able to set their own tuition. That’s live on TVW.

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