TVW Documentaries & Special Reports

Each year, TVW produces a one-hour documentary that takes an in-depth look at various issues.

Flight Plan: Charting a Course for Drones in Washington

“Flight Plan” is a one-hour television special from TVW that looks at the growing popularity of civilian drones, and the privacy questions they raise. TVW introduces you to hobbyists who are flying drones for fun, as well as professionals who want to use them for things like selling real estate or growing grapes. We also take you inside Washington’s booming drone industry, where unmanned aerial systems are built primarily for military customers. And finally, we show you how police and Washington state agencies could use the technology — and hear from those who say government drones threaten your civil rights.

Washington’s Food Fight: The Debate Over GMO Labels

In the fall of 2013, Washington voters were asked to take a side in the battle over GMO food. “Washington’s Food Fight” looks at the the debate over I-522, a ballot initiative that would require genetically modified food to be labeled in Washington grocery stores.

Coal Crossroads

“Coal Crossroads” is an one-hour documentary produced over the summer of 2012 that investigates the controversy surrounding coal exports in Washington. The Pacific Northwest is poised to become the nation’s leading coal-exporting region, but opponents — worried about health, pollution and snarled train traffic — are putting up a fight.

Staying Afloat: Challenges Facing Washington State Ferries

In this 2011 special report, “Staying Afloat: Challenges Facing Washington State Ferries,” TVW’s Jessica Gao explores the current challenges of one of the world’s largest ferry systems, which transports more than 22 million riders a year through nine marine highway routes in the Puget Sound.

Shock to the System: How National Reform is Changing your Health Care

This 60-minute special report examines how federal reforms will impact health care in Washington state. Watch the 2010 special report, “Shock to the System: How National Reform is Changing your Health Care.”

Quest for Quality: The Debate Over Education Reform and Funding

This 2009 two-part series on education, “The Quest for Quality: The Debate Over Education Reform & Funding,” takes a close look at the state’s public school system. Teachers, parents, and administrators all agree that students learn differently. So how should the state fund public education in the 21st century?